You Should Always Observe These Bird Removal Guidelines

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Birds are perhaps the most tolerable of all the pests we encounter. They are cute, often have melodic chirps, and pose nary a safety or health threat to us. However, they can still be a problem if their nests block your air vents or they take up residence inside your home.

You Should Always Observe These Bird Removal Guidelines

In such instances, bird removal becomes a necessity. There are a few important guidelines you should always observe during this process.

  • Keep your distance. It is important that you steer clear of the bird’s nest for various reasons. First, some birds are not too tolerant of disturbances, and you may scare them off or make them aggressive. Second, if the bird’s nest has chicks, the chicks will be vulnerable to external disturbances. Furthermore, you might scare the parents off before the chicks are fully fledged.
  • Don’t move the nest. Imagine coming home from work and finding your home has moved to an undisclosed location. This will be exactly the case if you attempt to move a bird nest. The birds might be forced to abandon their nests, leaving them homeless and their eggs or chicks vulnerable. Instead of trying to do it yourself, let us handle it—we know the proper precautions to take.
  • Contact a professional bird removal service. You should always contact a pro if you have a bird situation. Why? Because we know how to safely move the nest to a different location and ensure it’s not abandoned. Also, we will provide exclusion and repair to ensure the birds do not return.

At Wild Science Solutions, our biologist-led approach ensures that we observe sustainable bird removal practices. We are confident we can eradicate any bird problem from your home while restoring the beautiful critters to their natural habitat. If you want to learn more about our professional bird removal services, reach out to us today.