A few years ago, Wild Science Solutions came to our house to address what I believed was an issue with bats. After an hour, the owner of the company determined there was not an intrusion issue at our house. WE WERE NOT CHARGED! We tried to pay something. We will use them again, and I highly recommend the company, as they were friendly and on time and knowledgeable.

- Eric H.

Excellent customer service! From the very helpful woman who answered the phone to the owner, Austin, I was extremely pleased with the services provided. Austin came out on a Sunday to investigate a bird and nest in our bathroom fan duct. Highly recommend!

- Jill D.

Very professional, responsive, thorough and knowledgeable. I will be recommending Wild Science Solutions to friends, family & clients!

- Janette C.

Fantastic company with highly trained professionals. It was a pleasure!

- Jonathan S.

If you have a wildlife problem, believe me this is the only company you will want to solve your problem. Austin and Melody, the owners, are fantastic people to deal with. Polite, professional, knowledgeable. I can’t say enough good things about them. I have only written one review before this in all my 74 years. These people deserve a review. They solved my bird problem quickly and were very fair, honest, and reasonable at doing it. Trust me. If you have a wildlife problem, save yourself a lot of time and money and call Wild Science Solutions. You will be well satisfied. Thank you again, Melody, Austin and your associate who came with you, for a job well done.

- L. Melfi

Wild Science Solutions removed bats from our attic. Best estimate of three we received. Very professional. He completed the job exactly as he promised. Great guy. We would recommend his services to anyone.

- Sandra W.

Austin Tate at Wild Science Solutions did a great job removing a large squirrel nest in my attic and sealing my house from future unwanted visitors. He found access points no one else had and old repairs that had failed. Austin chose durable materials for screening and deterrence. I really appreciate that Austin left everything spotless. He has great attention to detail, explains everything well, and is very polite and professional. I’m completely pleased with the services of Wild Science Solutions.

- Randi R.

Wild Science Solutions took care of my bats in the attic problem. Everything was handled quickly, efficiently and at a phenomenal price. Highly recommended!

- Chris M.

I contracted Austin at Wild Science Solutions to remediate bats in our attic. Their pricing was very competitive, and both his and Melody’s knowledge of bats, their habits, etc. is second to none. Follow-through is exceptional!

- James W.

Wild Science Solutions was extremely efficient and caring when it came to our home and problem. I wouldn’t call anyone else when it comes to their business as they proved to be the best. Great job!

- Joe C.

I had them come out due to a squirrel in my attic … or so I thought. They told me it was a specific species (that I sadly forgot now), which happens to be more active at night. They were very detailed in finding holes or gaps in the trim and sealed those off. I haven’t heard or seen anything since! I’ve already recommended them to a friend.

- Jon S.

I cannot say enough about Austin and Yuri. They are by far the best company for critter control. They not only helped us with our questions about preventing and taking care of critters, but also helped us figure out problems in our roof that we were not aware of and would have never found out. They not only guaranteed their work, but also kept their word about following up when needed. Fantastic company. Very professional. I would recommend without hesitation!!

- Sonal A.

This is the second time I have needed the services of Wild Science Solutions, and they were responsive and professional. If you ever have unwanted guests in your home, they are the ones to call.

- Gary Z.

Amazing people! Great communicators, reliable, kind, and trustworthy. Highly recommend!

- Jenny F.

Professionalism to the extreme. Lovely people to work with– responsible, responsive, intelligent, thoughtful, kind and humane. I recommend them without hesitation.

- Anna X.

I had a wonderful experience with this company. Professional, great pricing and customer service. I will recommend this company to friends.

- Sharon D.

Wonderful people. They’re very professional and NOT out to nickel and dime you like other companies will! Austin did impeccable work and was extremely knowledgeable!

- Dana L.

Wild Science Solutions is professional, knowledgeable, and punctual! Highly recommended.

- Amanda B.

We have had a problem with bats in our attic and in the gable. Austin with Wild Science Solutions came out and told us what he could do for us to be rid of the bats. His work was professional and done in a timely manner. I would highly recommend him.

- Willie B.

Wild Science Solutions not only addressed the immediate problem I called them for—exclusion of a raccoon from our attic—but also replaced the attic fan that the raccoon had broken through, alerted us to a leak in the roof that we hadn’t known about, discovered a bat in our gable vents, and then did the bat exclusion work. Austin Tate was extremely professional, courteous, and, most of all, thorough. He even touched up some woodwork that needed painting before he covered it with a screen to keep animals out. All work was done humanely, without killing any animals, and without the scare tactics that another company I had called had used.

- Madeline D.

This company is the epitome of top-notch customer service. They are fair, honest, meticulous, and always strive to put the customer first. Austin sealed up our attic and prevented bat intrusion. He cleaned the bat guano using approved methods with proper chemicals. I feel confident in his work. I am using him again at a new home to install special gutter guards that have a dual function to seal the construction gap and prevent bat intrusion. First-rate company!

- Brad H.

They were prompt in contacting me to set up my initial inspection and to get started in my squirrel removal. Possible entry points were sealed quickly.

- Anonymous

This company is awesome! I highly recommend them. They’re honest and easy to work with. Don’t hesitate to call them– you won’t be sorry!

- Susan H.

They are extremely awesome, knowledgeable, and pretty reasonable. I’d definitely recommend them to anyone.

- Jatovi M.

Excellent service! I would definitely use them again, but we shouldn’t need to because of the through job that was done. Very professional, knowledgeable and prompt.

- Kim T.

Austin was extremely thorough when checking all of the vents for birds and critters. He was professional and was able to fix everything really fast. I hope to never need to use them but would in a heartbeat if something came up!

- Heather C.

The service provided was excellent. The owner came out to my property and performed a thorough inspection to understand what the problem was. He then explained to me steps to remediate my problems with bats and squirrels. He provided a fair estimate of the time and cost to complete the service. I scheduled the service. He was prompt and very thorough in completing the work. Afterwards we did a walk-around to see exactly what was done. He was professional and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Wild Science Solutions.

- Lee T.

I contacted Melody & Austin a few months back after we suspected we had some sort of animal problem. Austin took time to explain to me what was causing the problem and was able to even take a picture of a little bat inside our vent. He was very professional and knowledgeable. I would absolutely recommend Wild Science Solutions for any of your wildlife control needs.

- Kat S.

 I found Wild Science Solutions on Angie’s List. In the early morning, I heard what sounded like animals scampering through my gutter and on my roof. Wild Science Solutions inspected every inch of the exterior of my house and located an area where 2 squirrels had found a way into my house (built 2006). They got rid of them in about two weeks – very persistent, coming almost every day. The company will try to relocate the wildlife, if possible, which really appealed to us. They also located an area where a bat had set up home where a water table met the house siding. We had no idea. They got rid of the bat using a one-way valve and then closed off the access. Later, they came out when I heard scrounging noises in the gutters again. This time it was just a bird scrounging or eating seeds in the gutter area. No charge. I found Wild Science Solutions easy to work with and dedicated to solving the problem. I think that’s an advantage of working with a small, family-owned business. I’ve recommended them to my neighbors.

- S. Wagner

I highly recommend Wild Science Solutions. I love that they are a locally owned business by a veteran. Austin is prompt, extremely knowledgeable in wildlife removal and very personable. I would recommend Wild Science Solutions to anyone looking for wildlife removal in or around the Triangle.

- Corey C.

Wild Science Solutions was professional, attentive, hardworking, creative and worth every penny in ridding our house of both squirrels and raccoons. I would not hesitate a second to call them again.

- David S.

I have brought in Wild Science Solutions to handle issues with bats and squirrels in our attic areas. Austin has taken care of both for us. He would visit daily to check humane traps and protected our home and the wildlife.

- John B.

Thanks to Austin and Yuri for their help and willingness to make sure the job was done right.

- Dan T.

Wild Science Solutions was wonderful! Thorough, on time, polite, and efficient. Put my mind at ease about our bat issue quickly and worked really hard to eradicate the problem. I highly recommend them to anyone with a bat (or any wildlife) removal need … you won’t be disappointed!!

- Ashley H.

Really great people! From calling their office and speaking with the office staff to meeting the technician, they were very organized and professional!

- Mike F.

Wild Science Solutions went above and beyond in screening off our attic to keep bats out. They sanded and painted before they even put up the sturdy screen, to make sure it looked perfect! A wonderful company with kind employees.

- April D.

As an agent, I used Wild Science Solutions on one of my home repairs, and Austin was GREAT! He was there when he said he would be and did amazing work for my clients. I will use him again for sure!!

- Tracy W.

Great experience, very professional, competitively priced. Highly recommend.

- Dana R.

Fantastic professionals — very fair pricing and meticulous work. I highly recommend this company.

- Susan T.

I highly recommend Austin Tate and Wild Science Solutions. Austin helped us understand and gave us confidence that our issue would be resolved and corrected. With a calming, detailed and steadfast approach, Austin exercised great care in our home throughout the exclusion. We were given excellent communication, picture documentation of the places we could not otherwise see, and follow-up that assured us we had selected the best person and company for the job.

- Darren R.

They did an excellent and thorough job of getting and keeping flying squirrels out of our attic. We have a 120-year-old wooden house. They found all the smallest crevices that the flying squirrels were getting in and came back to check traps regularly until they were certain no squirrels were getting back in. It’s been a year, and we haven’t had any more problems with the squirrels. I’ll be honest, at first I thought the price quotes we got from all the animal removal services were very expensive for plugging some holes and putting a few traps around. But I was wrong! After I saw how many times they came around and climbed up to check on things and make sure everything was going exactly according to plan (or adjust the plan), I felt like I got a good deal! It is time-intensive to adequately monitor and manage the situation over a period of weeks to make sure that the squirrels don’t find or make any new entryways.

- Anonymous

It took a while with weekends and holidays getting in the way of some trapping operations, but they were persistent in getting the job done right.

- Anonymous

I had an issue with squirrels in my attic that 2 previous companies missed. Austin from Wild Science Solutions was able to find the issue and make a plan to solve my problem in less than half an hour. Services were outlined clearly and completed timely, and in a very professional manner.

- J. F.

 Wild Science Solutions is a very professional company! I would like to apologize to both Melody and Austin. I made an appointment for Austin to look at my serious squirrel issue, and I am a bit out of their service area, and I got tied up at work and didn’t make the appointment. I felt so bad that I was a no-show, but Melody was so polite and understanding. My house is a bit too far for them to service, but they did their best to service my needs as a customer. I would recommend them as a company solely based on their total professionalism! I will recommend them to my friends who live closer to their service area. Thank you, Austin, for your time.

- Denise C.

They responded very quickly and came out on a Saturday when no one else would. Very professional, friendly, thorough, and knowledgeable! The cost was very reasonable as well.

- Kristin B.

We had at least a few squirrels that called our attic home, and Austin and his team came out quickly to assess the situation. They came up with a plan that would be best for our house and visited daily until the issue was fixed. A week or so after they had sealed up access points, we got the damaged bits of our roof repaired, and soon after I thought I might have heard some scratching, so I contacted them. The guys came out quickly to check that there were no new access points, and after confirming that the scratching wasn’t from anything inside, they sprayed the repaired sections of our roof with a deterrent to further protect our house with no additional charge. Definitely recommend!!!

- Kristin B.

Austin and Melody are the epitome of customer service. We had bats in our attic, and they had the most competitive pricing among several competitive estimates. I highly recommend their services, as they are friendly, responsive, ethical and professional. No upsells here, just professional services at reasonable pricing with expert results.

- Chris W.

When hiring someone, you look for honesty and knowledge. Austin has both. He took the time to assess the situation (bats in attic) and give me my options. I had one person (from another company) come out before Austin. The gentleman from the other company took only 5 minutes to assess the situation, then used scare tactics and tried to oversell the problem. I highly recommend Wild Science Solutions!

- Darren W.

Austin Tate did a great job for a fair price getting rid of squirrels in our attic along with installing screens in our gable vents to keep out bats and adding screens on the crawlspace vents. I highly recommend him!!

- Julie F.

Austin and Melody run a great professional wildlife removal company. They were recommended by many satisfied neighbors, and they gave us great results with very systematic and humane methods.

- O. J.

Austin is great to work with. Efficient, professional, and responsive.

- Jo Anna W.

A big shout-out to Melody Tate and her team at Wild Science Solutions for handling bats in our attic yesterday. She made the whole process easy! Explaining what is involved, how long, and why, was easy. Getting on their calendar to get the quote was easy, working with my calendar and their calendar for the appointment was easy. Her team called to tell me they were on their way, and they were on time yesterday. If you have critters in your house, call Wild Science Solutions! They were hands-down PHENOMENAL to work with.

- Meredith H.

It’s never a call do you want to make, but Wild Science Solutions provided me with the confidence to know I was making a good decision in going with them. Their communication, level of detail that they explain the work they were doing, and more importantly the execution of the job exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Wild Science Solutions. They are local, passionate about what they do and get it done right the first time.

- Jim N.

Excellent experience with Wild Science Solutions! Very thoughtful and responsive service. I would definitely highly recommend. Thank you!!!

- Lukas J.

We had a great experience working with Wild Science Solutions when we discovered bats were nesting in the wall cavity of our chimney. They first looked to identify other areas of the house that bats could gain entrance to and fixed those before installing one-way valves where the bats were coming and going. When the bats left, they then permanently fixed the entrance holes and disinfected the area. I found the pricing fair for the work that was done, and Melody was very responsive to my questions. We have been bat-free for a month now. I also like that this company does not employ scare tactics that some of the other large companies do. I would use these guys again in the future for sure!

- Richard W.

We loved working with Wild Science Solutions. I was so upset to find out that we had bats in the gable vents of our house. Austin and Melody put my fears at ease and helped us through the process. Melody responded promptly, gave great advice, and was very professional. Austin’s experience and knowledge of our situation was very reassuring. He was always on time, he did great work, and he was very professional. He assessed the situation, checked for areas the bats would likely try to get into after being evicted, got the bats out, and returned to clean everything up — even painting any stained areas. I highly recommend working with Wild Science Solutions!

- Suzi T.

Austin did a great job at a good price. I highly recommend this company!

- Cathy H.

We had flying squirrels in the attic, and Austin installed flashing to close access points around the house, put screens over our gable vents, trapped the squirrels that were in the attic, and cleaned up the mess they had made in the attic. Everything looks great. We were very impressed with Austin’s professionalism. He explained everything you would want to know about flying squirrels, explained what he was going to do, and did exactly what he said. He would schedule a time to be at our house, and he was always prompt at arriving when promised. He left things clean after every visit. I would highly recommend Wild Science Solutions.

- The McNeills

Wild Science Solutions did an outstanding job of investigating and remediating an intermittent flying squirrel problem in our attic and storage areas (house is 3,200 square feet). They remediated by sealing 3 roof returns, 4 dormers, and 1 gable vent and installing an attic fan cover (where they had found birds’ nests). This company is completely professional from head to toe, and I and dozens of my neighbors recommend them VERY HIGHLY!!

- Anonymous

Yuri was awesome! The squirrels were entrenched, but he evicted the ones doing the damage, patched the entry points, and solved the problem. Throughout the process, he was easily reachable by phone/text and kept me up to date on the war against the squirrels. I would absolutely hire Wild Science Solutions again and highly encourage you to do so! They are thorough and go above and beyond!

- Anonymous

We had a great experience with Wild Science Solutions. Austin was very professional. He was prompt, kept in contact with us, and did a great job. He caught the opossum living under our house right away, as well as cleaned and repaired all the damage the opossum caused.

- Mandy K.