Signs You Need to Call for Wildlife Removal

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Even if you love animals, there comes a time when wildlife becomes a nuisance. Squirrels are cute outside, but in your crawlspace, not so much. Bats are fine at the zoo, but that doesn’t mean you want them in your attic.

Signs You Need to Call for Wildlife Removal

Here are signs you may need to call for wildlife removal:

  • You See Droppings – Many pests that invade the house understand that they aren’t invited guests. You may not even see them, but there will be evidence they are inside. If you see droppings in the attic, around the basement, or even in the kitchen and other places, it’s time to get wildlife removal fast.
  • You Hear Noises – Every home makes noises, but the house settling or tree branches scratching are different that the skittering noises you’re hearing. Many creatures that enjoy being inside your home are active at night. When you try to sleep, they’re up and about. If you hear noises, get wildlife removal to help with the process.
  • You’ve Seen Them – The biggest sign of a pest in the home is, well, seeing the pest with your own eyes. Whether its racoons in the attic, a mouse running across the floor, or a bat swooping down on you in your yard, when you see the animal, you need removal services pronto.

Whatever signs you’ve noticed, our experts at Wild Science Solutions can come to your house, assess the situation, and take care of wildlife removal for you. If you have uninvited guests of a furry variety, call us for help!