Humane Wildlife Removal Processes

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It’s too late. The wildlife has already breached your home. You want them out, but you don’t want to hurt them, either. Is there a wildlife removal process that is humane, but efficient?

Humane Wildlife Removal Processes

Here are a few things to consider.

  • Trapping – Depending on the pest that has invaded your home, it is often possible to trap them and return them to the wild. Keep in mind that once the pests have found a way into your home, they’ll return. Removing them from the house is just step one.
  • Relocation – After you’ve trapped pests in containers that do not harm them, you have to relocate them. Taking them to the forest behind your house might stall them a bit, but they’ll be back. Relocation means taking them quite a distance from your home, so they can no longer find their way back.
  • Patching – Have professionals check out your home and decipher how the pests got inside in the wildlife removal process only becomes permanent when you remove the pests and prevent them from getting back into the home. You may need to make some household changes, like keeping crumbs cleaned up and exterior trash cans secure. You may also have to patch holes and fix a few elements.

Our professionals at Wild Science Solutions are experts in the wildlife removal process. We want your home to be for your family, and your family alone. We understand wildlife is cute but belongs outside. These animals can carry diseases and need to be kept in the wild where they belong.