How Does the Wildlife Removal Process Work?

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How Does the Wildlife Removal Process Work? If you have a critter wreaking havoc in your attic, crawlspace, or even the living spaces in your home, you want the animal out as soon as possible. Having wild creatures in your home, no matter their size, can create safety concerns and damage. Here at Wild Science Solutions, we understand that wildlife removal projects require a sense of urgency, and we are here to tell you a little bit more about what the ensuing process will look like.

After you call us for wildlife removal, we’ll send one of our experts over to your home as soon as possible. After they arrive, they will ask you questions about what type of damage you’ve noticed and what led you to believe there was an infestation. Once we gather this information, we will survey the area where you believe the critter is making a home for itself.

After we have a better feel for what type of animal we’re dealing with and where it’s located, we’ll come up with a plan for removal. In many cases, we use live traps during wildlife removal projects. These traps let us safely and effectively capture the animal, but do not cause any harm to the creature once they are in our possession. Although most animals aren’t happy to be contained in live traps, they are perfectly safe and secure.

The three most common animals we trap are possums, squirrels, and raccoons. If you’re having a problem with any of these animals, or another type of critter, on your property, call us for help with the wildlife removal process right away.