Examples of Our Wildlife Prevention Strategies

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Wildlife prevention involves taking proactive steps to prevent wildlife from entering areas where the animals may cause problems or conflicts with humans. It can effectively reduce incursions with wildlife, as it helps to avoid the need for more drastic measures such as wildlife removal.

Examples of Our Wildlife Prevention Strategies

At Wild Science Solutions, we provide several affordable, biologist-led wildlife prevention strategies, including:

  • Fencing. Fencing involves installing a physical barrier around your home, garden, or other important areas to keep out wildlife. Several types of fencing can be used for wildlife prevention, from standard fencing materials such as wood, vinyl, or metal to specialized options such as mesh fencing. The type of fencing chosen will depend on the species of wildlife being targeted and the location’s specific needs. Fencing can effectively keep out ground critters such as snakes, rabbits, and raccoons.
  • Repellents. These chemical substances or physical devices deter wildlife from entering your home. There are several types of repellents available, including chemical and physical repellents. Chemical repellents release a substance that is unpleasant to animal senses. They are usually effective at repelling snakes and raccoons. On the other hand, physical repellents employ physical barriers or stimuli to deter animals. For instance, a plastic owl installed on your roof or fence can be a great visual repellent for small birds.
  • Exclusion. Exclusion involves installing physical barriers that seal off openings in your roof, chimney, cracks, or any other potential opening in your home. It typically targets points of weakness that critters may exploit to invade your home. Some common materials used in exclusion include mesh, nets, and one-way doors. Exclusion effectively prevents smaller critters, such as squirrels, bats, and birds, from finding entry points to your roof, attic, or walls. Furthermore, we also provide exclusion services after wildlife removal to ensure that critters do not re-invade your home.

All in all, each wildlife prevention strategy works best under specific circumstances and for different wildlife. If you live in Holly Springs, North Carolina or the surrounding areas and are interested in our wildlife prevention services, we are ready to help. Talk to us today, and we will offer the best strategy to keep pesky critters out of your home for good.