Dangers of a Raccoon Infestation in Your Home

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Raccoons are wily, nocturnal creatures whose antics can be enjoyable to watch from afar. But what happens when you realize a family of raccoons has taken up residence in your attic? The harmless mischief suddenly turns into a real problem.

Dangers of a Raccoon Infestation in Your Home

A raccoon infestation is the last thing you want in your home, seeing as they pose significant dangers to you and your home. These include:

  • Danger to safety. Although raccoons are generally timid critters, they can tend to be aggressive. They can attack and kill small pets and even bite when they feel cornered. As a rule of thumb, you should steer clear of any raccoon that’s moving sluggishly or aggressively during the day, as it might be rabid. Also, raccoons have dexterous front paws, which they can use to wield and launch projectiles.
  • Danger to health. Raccoons are notorious carriers of the deadly rabies virus and other serious pathogens such as roundworms and leptospirosis. Furthermore, they can spread salmonella to humans, which they acquire by rummaging through garbage and trash cans. These pathogens can be transmitted to humans, posing a serious health threat to you and your family.
  • Danger to your property. A raccoon infestation is bound to cause damage to your property. Raccoons can chew through your insulation, gnaw on your electrical wires, or tear down sections of your roof or eaves to build their nests. Furthermore, their waste can induce rot in your drywall and ceilings, besides causing severe air quality contamination.

Please call us urgently if you observe a raccoon infestation in your home. At Wild Science Solutions, we have over 7 years of professional wildlife removal experience. We will thoroughly inspect your home for all raccoon nests, trap and remove the critters, and perform exclusion and repair work on your property.