Flying Squirrel Removal: Why You Should Involve the Pros

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Flying squirrels are small, nocturnal critters mostly residing in dense vegetation habitats. They have two skin flaps on either side of the abdomen known as patagia, which they use to glide between treetops. Outside their natural habitat, flying squirrels will occasionally nest in birdhouses, unoccupied attics, or within the walls of your home.

Flying Squirrel Removal: Why You Should Involve the Pros

It goes without saying that these critters will be a nuisance to your home. They will urinate and defecate in your attic and walls, chew through your wiring, and disturb your sleep with the nocturnal pitter-patter of their tiny feet. However, the fact that DIY flying squirrel removal can be extremely challenging is probably their worst attribute.

Flying squirrels are notoriously hard to remove, hence the need for a professional flying squirrel removal service. One reason for their resilience as pests is their communal nesting habits. They are social critters, living in colonies of up to 20 squirrels. Thus, if you happen to find one in your home, you’ll most likely find a few more with time.

Furthermore, the flying squirrels’ gliding ability means that you are likely to find their nests in hard-to-reach areas. These include in gable vents, chimneys, attics, walls, or eaves. Basically, any location in your home with even a small entry hole can provide residence for the critters. If you cannot locate these entry holes, removing them is near-impossible.

Regardless, flying squirrel removal is doable, especially when you involve a professional wildlife removal service. At Wild Science Solutions, we have over seven years of experience in professional wildlife removal. We also have the best tools and techniques to perform humane removals. If you have a flying squirrel problem and live in Holly Springs, North Carolina or the surrounding areas, we are ready to help.