Call the Experts for Bat Removal from Your Home

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Bats have been associated with negative connotations for a long while, and as such, many people are very afraid of them. Bats are not inherently aggressive and will generally keep to themselves and are actually very beneficial to humans because they eat a lot of insects. Even if you aren’t scared of bats, having them take up residence in your home or other structure can be concerning. While bats are usually harmless, it is possible for them to carry rabies, and they can damage property if they are in a spot not intended for them, such as an attic.

Call the Experts for Bat Removal from Your Home

If you have noticed any evidence that you have bats in your home, it is best to request professional bat removal services. While bats are not generally aggressive, they will bite or scratch if they are threatened. Additionally, trying to set traps in your attic or other space where bats are dwelling will not be effective. Bats aren’t as destructive to property as other wildlife that can enter structures, but their droppings (guano) and urine can damage drywall, ceilings, and other building components.

At Wild Science Solutions, we offer professional, efficient, and humane bat removal in Holly Springs, North Carolina and the surrounding areas. We will comply with all regulations and answer any questions you have about the timing and process of relocating bats from your property.

Our team has a solid understanding of how to tackle these types of issues in your home and keep them from returning. We are also well-equipped to handle the safe removal of bats from your space. Give us a call today to inquire about our bat removal services. We will go above and beyond to remedy your issue!