Squirrel Removal: You Need a Professional!

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Squirrels are a hoot to watch when they are outside, bouncing between tree branches and arguing over everything. They can also be pests when they decide to take up residence in your home without permission. Squirrels will leave some clear signs when they’ve made your home their own, and it’s important to rely on a professional for squirrel removal to address the problem.

Squirrel Removal: You Need a Professional!

One of the first indicators you might notice if a squirrel is living in your home is strange scratching or squeaking noises, especially at night. Determining where the noises are coming from will help you determine the location of their nests and how they have gained entry. If you suspect they are in your attic, garage, or another area, you’ll want to check for damage to insulation, duct work, or roofing. This will help your squirrel removal professional determine the best course of action for exclusion.

Other indicators of squirrel infestation include foul odors in unexpected areas, visible nests in your roofing materials, squirrel droppings in suspicious locations, and chewed or damaged entry points. Squirrels commonly chew on and can create a lot of damage to wooden structures in and around your home. You may also notice that the squirrel population seems to be increasing on your property.

Your squirrel removal expert will be able to apply the proper trapping and removal tools to get rid of the squirrels and help clean up the area. They will also make recommendations for the best way to prevent squirrel infestations in the future, such as blocking entry points and cutting tree branches that extend toward your home.

At Wild Science Solutions, we understand that squirrels can be pests when they invade your house. Contact us today for wildlife removal solutions!