Is Bat Removal Really That Critical?

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If you do any research on bats, you might learn that they are fairly harmless creatures that do really good things for the environment. Unfortunately, bats get a bad rap because of movies and shows that make them seem scary.

Even with all of the good things bats have to offer the ecosystem, there are a few reasons that bat removal from homes and businesses is critical. If you’ve discovered bats living in an unexpected area of your home or business, you’ll want to call about bat removal right away.

Is Bat Removal Really That Critical?

  • Bats Can Carry Disease. Bats are carriers of diseases like rabies, and the longer they roost in unwanted areas, the more they can cause dangerous conditions for anyone living and working there. Bat guano builds up quickly and can make a big mess, other insects can begin to breed in the same area, and fungus can begin to grow on bat guano.
  • Damage to Property. Another downside to bat droppings is that they can cause structural damage like wood decay, corrosion, and stains. Clearing away bat guano is not a fun task, and the longer bats are left to roost without removal, the more likely buildings will suffer damage.
  • Bat Removal Requirements. If you’ve discovered bats roosting on your property, it’s important to call in a wildlife professional to address the concern. Bats typically migrate, so the time of year in which they are removed will play a role in the results. Additionally, bat deterring equipment that blocks them from reentry will need to be installed to ensure they do not return to the same location again.

Bat removal is a critical step when it comes to the safety of bats and humans! Contact us at Wild Science Solutions if you have questions about a bat infestation or need to schedule removal services. We are ready to assist you!