Do You Need Racoon Removal This Summer?

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Once summer hits and your family enjoys barbecues in the backyard and afternoons at the pool, the raccoons may be drawn in to enjoy your trash cans and bird feeders at night. The sooner you start the racoon removal process, the better for your property.

Do You Need Racoon Removal This Summer?

Here are a few reasons summer removal is necessary.

  • Babies are Grown – Racoons are often born in the spring, and by summer, they are weaned and independent. They look for their own nesting grounds and food. That means your trashcan is vulnerable and that small hole in your attic calls to them.
  • More Food, More Foraging – Raccoons understand that they have more opportunities for food in the summer. They eat more and store up for the leaner, cold months of the year. Raccoon removal is a necessity as you will see a lot more activity around your home.
  • The Opportunities – Racoon removal becomes even more necessary if your home isn’t locked down. If your trash cans aren’t locked down, they’ll find them. If you leave empty plates outside after a barbecue, they’ll notice. When birdseed drops to the ground, they’ll get to the source. Lots of things happen around your home that draw them in, leaving you to remove them later.

Racoons may be cute little bandits, but they are huge pests as well. Our professionals at Wild Science Solutions are here to help. If you notice racoon activity around your home, it’s better to remove the pests sooner rather than later. They may find a way into your home if you don’t get busy on defense!